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GE F32T8 SP Starcoat Fluorescent Bulbs

GE Starcoat fluorescent light bulbs
Price: $3.95

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GE F32T8 SP Starcoat fluorescent light bulbs are used in standard four foot fixtures used in offices and are some of the most energy-efficient available. This is the 75 CRI or color rendering index version of these lamps. These are the lowest cost GE F32T8 SP Starcoat fluorescent light bulbs yet still having a good color rendition many people have converted to these as a part of an energy saving program.

- 48" long.
- 32 watts.
- Energy efficient.
- Operates on an electronic ballast.
- GE F32T8 Starcoat fluorescent light bulbs.
- Lighting color temperature reference.
Item Number: BLF10834

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