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GE Constant Color MR16 Light Bulbs

GE Constant Color MR16 halogen bulbs for consistent color throughout life.
List Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $11.10

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GE Constant Color MR16 halogen light bulbs are used widely in many different types of lighting applications where consistent light color must be maintained. MR16's typically have some color shift over life, but these maintain the same white color throughout the 6000 hour rated life. This can be crucial for retail spaces where the light can really determine and item's color and appearance for sale. To have that consistency probably means that you'll have less returns because people will see the product the same at home as they do in a store. Not only retail, but home users will like it as well because it won't create a variance of color which can change the look of a room or space. It makes interior designing easier because you know that the colors you chose now will look the same lighted years from now with this lamp. You'll notice the bulb has a silver bac which prevents nearly all light spill out the back, just another added benefit of this light. You'll find these ideal for any kind of retail display or for use in a home lighting situation and we do have special pricing for bigger quantities. If you have questions about the constant color MR16 or any others you see here, we can answer your questions getting you just the right light for your particular situation.

- 12 volts.
- Choice of wattages and beam spreads.
- 6000 hour rated life.
- 5.3mm between pins on center.
- No color shift over the life of the lamp.
- 2 inch diameter at the reflector opening.

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