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GE Chroma 50 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

GE Chroma 50 fluorescent light bulbs for high color rendering and natural light.
Price: $6.10

GE Chroma 50 fluorescent light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any T12 lamp with poor color properties. Most people find it's easier to work and function under the natural lighting effect of full spectrum lights. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 40 watt T12 lamp. Simply replace it to get better color, visual enhancement and a cleaner, brighter appearance to your home or office. This light has been used many times for color matching, making sure that colors match up correctly in places like printing, dental offices and retail. It can save you money in your process by making sure that all the colors are correct. It has a 92 CRI rating which means color rendering index and it's one of the highest that you can get in the industry. The 5000 K color is used to simulate noontime daylight which is the optimal color the way our eyes use light. Of course the GE chroma 50 will also be an excellent choice for your office. It will help reduce eyestrain and create better visual contrast with documents that you are looking at. Over the course of the day it really is much easier on your eyes and that could result in greater productivity and a feeling of well being. This is a T12 lamps and most of the time they operate on a magnetic ballast, but some operate on electronic ballast as well. You could use either with this particular lamp and get the same lighting effect. Call us if you have any questions about this light and how to apply it properly for your situation.

Product features:
- 4 feet long.
- 40 watts.
- 92 CRI.
- 5000K.
- Excellent for color matching and color enhancing.
Item Number: BLF10079

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