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GE 2D Fluorescent Light Bulbs

GE 2D fluorescent light bulbs in several wattages and energy efficient.
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GE 2D fluorescent light bulbs are different from circular bulbs in that they have a more rectangular shape. If you have a light fixture that has these, you won't be able to use any other kind of light bulb in its place. It's a really unique light bulb and comes in several watt ratings although the wattage are not interchangeable. The color is a warm color temperature appearance so it works well in homes and in multi-housing units to give a comfortable inviting appearance. It has a ballast that operates the GE 2D fluorescent light bulbs only. That ballast is usually an electronic ballast and very compact. These lamps aren't exclusive to General Electric and there are a couple of other manufacturers as well. What most people like about them is how well the light spreads within the fixture. It makes the inside look like it has no hotspots which can sometimes happen with standard compact fluorescent. The tubular squared shape makes that possible similar to something like a circle bulb but is much more energy-efficient and has a low profile. Typically the light fixtures that use this kind of bulb will be something that has a lower profile, much thinner than other types of fluorescent surface mount light fixtures. Call us if you have any questions about replacing this particular light or getting new fixture that incorporates it already.

Product features:
- Choice or wattage in 10, 28, 38 and 55 watts.
- A kind of square shape.
- 4 pin socket connection.
- GE 2D fluorescent light bulbs have a squared shape.

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