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GE 25PAR36 Flood Light Bulbs

GE 25PAR36 low voltage sealed beam light.
Price: $10.76

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Beam spread:
GE 25PAR36 flood light bulbs had been used extensively in landscape lighting which include up lighting of trees, well lighting and many other types of low-voltage application. They have a screw terminal based in which you connect the leaves and screw them on. Sometimes these are used in down lights or recessed lighting in nightclubs or as a stage application. The precise beam that 25PAR36 flood light bulbs offer makes it a must for certain types of lighting.

Product features:
- 25 watts.
- Choice of wide flood and narrow spot.
- 5.5 volt or 12 volt.
- 25PAR36 flood light bulbs used in landscape lighting.

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