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G4T5 Germicidal Fluorescent Light Bulbs

G4T5 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs in this shorter 9 inch version.
Price: $16.26

G4T5 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs are 6 inches long and consume 4 watts electrically. Used in food handling, restaurants, hospitals where killing of airborne germs in needed. Special fixtures house these and are not to be exposed to skin or eyes as they can damage both. Only use these only in an approved germicidal fixture. This is the smallest version that has two pins on either side, and can be used in many places that don't have a lot of room. We've seen them used in various types of machines for water filtration or air handling. The G4T5 germicidal is a light that was created for a specific task and because of its short length was the choice for many types of small light fixtures.

Product features:
- 4 watts.
- 6 inch length.
- Kills germs in the air.
- Must be used with an approved fixture.

You should always be aware that the light coming from this bulb not be exposed to eyes or skin as it can cause damage to both. Most of the time they are hidden away out of sight or mounted in a light that direct the light upward into a space and blocked from people's field of view. This is not the only type of bulb configuration, they also come in various types of plug-in CFL's as well. Safety should always be your utmost concern when using this type of light, it's not something to be trifled with. It can cause damage to both skin and eyes if not properly applied out of sight and not in contact with people.
Item Number: BLF14485

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