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G40 Half Chrome Globe Light Bulbs

G40 half chrome globe light bulbs that reduce glare.
Price: $9.33

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G40 half chrome globe light bulbs also known as silver bowl have been used in commercial buildings for many years. It's especially used in places where glare needs to be reduced shielding the filament making the bulb an indirect source of light. These globes are 5 inches in diameter. The chrome top bulb works great when it is used base up particularly. It's a wonderful lighting choice wherever you need to keep light directly out of people's eyes. These can be used in any type of decorative lighting, but also work well in places like bathrooms and light fixtures that have a close proximity to people.

Product features:

- 60 or 100 watts.
- Half chrome bulb.
- 5 inch diameter bulb.
- Medium base.
- Characteristic silver top.

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