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G30T8 Germicidal Fluorescent Light Bulbs

G30T8 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs in this longer 36 inch version.
Price: $28.85

G30T8 germicidal fluorescent light bulbs are 36 inches long and are used in food handling, restaurants, hospitals where killing of airborne germs is needed. There are special light fixtures designed for these lamps so skin or eyes can't be exposed directly to the light and UV. This is one of the most common lengths used in many places and makes it a convenient replacement for the existing light bulbs you have now. If you need them for a hospital or restaurant, make sure to get the right number off the light bulb you have now and match it up with what we have here. It operates on the same ballast as an F30T8, so they're electrically the same, but the effect is quite different. T8 lamps are 1" inch in diameter and the trim nature of this lamp makes it perfect for out of the way places to shield the light from people.

Product features:
- 30 watts.
- 36 inches.
- 1" inch in diameter.
- Accepted into standard fluorescent sockets.
- T8 style lamp.
- UV output to kill germs.
- Operates on magnetic ballasts.
- Used in food handling, hospitals and facilities where germ killing is beneficial.
Item Number: BLF10333

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