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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Full spectrum light bulbs represent an ever increasing area of lighting that people seem to prefer. Most people like to work under light that is more like natural daylight, so this category of product has grown. They are available in incandescent light as well as fluorescent and used in many types of applications like retail lighting, office lighting or just to make your home look more presentable.  The white light that full spectrum light bulbs emit will make everything look whiter, cleaner and more appealing.  Reading will also become easier as the contrasts are better for the printed words on the page.  Click here to get an audio overview of the products we offer. If you can't find what you're looking for, please give us a call.
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F40T12 Spectralite fluorescent light bulbs for a natural white color.
F40T12 Spectralite Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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F40T12 Spectralite Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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