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Full Spectrum Appliance Light Bulbs

Full spectrum appliance light bulbs for better color rendition.
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Item Number: BLF10836

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Full spectrum appliance light bulbs are the same size as standard refrigerator light bulbs have a special neodymium coating which filters out the yellows and other undesirable colors that come from incandescent lamps. So wherever you have the yellowish incandescent color, you can change to a whiter full spectrum appliance light bulbs which will give a cleaner appearance. Many people call these a kind of natural daylight bulb and the colors will be improved greatly no matter where you use them. Use them in your home to enhance it's appearance or in a kitchen or your business to improve color and product presentation.

- Used anywhere standard light bulbs are used.
- 40 watts.
- A15 bulb size.
- Full spectrum appliance light bulbs give a whiter appearance.
- A more natural outdoor daylight color.
- Long life of 5000 hours.

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