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Full Spectrum 3 Way Light Bulbs

Full spectrum 3 way light bulbs for various light levels and natural light.

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Item Number: BLF10150

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Full spectrum 3-way light bulbs are now available which give people the 3-way function while delivering a cleaner, whiter light for their home or office. It works exactly like a regular 3-way lamp, so you can use it in any touch lamp or reading lamp. It's a great way to get better reading contrast and will make your visual task easier. They're used in home or offices where people want to have a feeling of a more natural daylight color. The settings are 50, 100, 150 of the 3-way rating. The life is longer than standard 3-way light bulbs. You'll like the improved color that you get with full spectrum 3-way light bulbs and they are very flattering with skin tones. The coating is neodymium which filters out the yellows and the undesirable color of incandescent light.

- Full spectrum 3-way light bulbs give a whiter appearance.
- Used anywhere standard light bulbs are used.
- 50-100-150 watt variation.
- A more natural outdoor daylight color.
- Long life of 5000 hours.

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