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FSS MR11 DC Base Halogen Light Bulbs

FSS MR11 DC bayonet halogen light with a push and turn base.
Price: $9.55
FSS MR11 DC bayonet halogen light bulbs are a double contact, push and turn bulb which makes a very positive contact. This 20 watt spot has an MR11 shape with a bayonet base configuration. These MR11 lamps have a 1.4 inch diameter at the opening of the reflector and a dichroic coating. They are available in either a covered or open lamp version. Some open fixtures are best served by using the covered glass option. You'll find our MR11 DC bayonet lamps ideal for any kind of display or for use in a home lighting situation.

- 12 volts.
- 20 watts.
- Spot.
- DC bayonet base.
- 1.4 inch diameter at the reflector opening.
- 2000 hour average rated life.
Item Number: BLF14822

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