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Fluorescent Strip Light Fixtures

Fluorescent strip light fixtures are one of the most simple, yet versatile light sources that can fill the right lighting application. These are often seen as industrial lighting, but they have many other types of uses including display, utility, security and general task lighting. All fluorescent strip light fixtures have electronic ballasts to operate the lamps and is housed inside the fixture. Along with greater energy efficiency, these also have excellent color properties which makes your product standout or give people a better visual acuity in anything they do. Call us if you have any questions of how to best apply any of these light fixtures you see here and we'll be happy to help you.
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T5 linkable fluorescent strip light fixtures
T5 Linkable Fluorescent Strip Light Fixture
Price: From $31.03 to $53.17
T5 Linkable Fluorescent Strip Light Fixture
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