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Fluorescent Flood Light Fixtures

Fluorescent flood light fixtures are becoming more popular as electronic ballast and compact fluorescent technology make them an alternative to HID floods. They start at very low temperatures so they can be used throughout the year even in cold climates. These are energy efficient and come on instantly. You'll also like the white light and the easy maintenance making them a good choice for commercial buildings as well as home lighting applications. You'll often find them used in security for multi-housing situations or apartment dwellings because of the low wattage and the smaller size that works better with those type of situations. Call us if you have a questions about applying these to your building lighting, we can help you determine what you might need.
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CFL flood light fixture with either 42 or 84 watts.
CFL Flood Light Fixture
Price: From $71.96 to $89.96
CFL Flood Light Fixture
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