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Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts

Price: Starting at $61.51
Fluorescent emergency ballasts can be used for both normal and emergency operations. In the event of a power failure, the unit switches to emergency mode and operates the existing lamps for a minimum of 90 minutes. Each ballast includes a battery pack, battery charger, and inverter circuit, and can be top-mounted on the fixture or in the fixture fire way. All ballasts comply with the latest codes and standards including UL924.

Can be used with one 17 W through 40 W (2 foot - 4 foot) T8, T10, T12 fluorescent lamp without integral starters, including U-shaped, HO, VHO, circline, energy-saving, and (4-pin) compact. Fluorescent emergency ballasts are also compatible with most 1, 2, 3, and 4-lamp electronic, standard, energy-saving, and dimming AC ballasts. If used in an emergency-only fixture, no AC ballast is necessary.
Emergency ballasts

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