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Fluorescent Bipin Sockets 1126SW

Price: $1.78
Item Number: BLF10678
Fluorescent bipin sockets are made specifically to fluorescent tubes that are T12, T8 in their various lengths and wattage. A slide on notch makes putting them in 2x4 or 2x2 fixtures easy. These are an industry standard most often used by manufacturers making them a perfect replacement for the old ones you have now. There is a dimension diagram as an extra image on this page.

Product features:
- Description: Medium bipin slide on socket
- Volts: 600 volts max.
- Watts: 660 watts max.
- Base Type: Medium Bi-Pin
- Finish: White
- MOL: 2.03 in. (51.56 mm.)
- Diameter: 1.00 in. (25.40 mm.)
Fluorescent bipin sockets 1126SW.
Fluorescent bipin sockets 1126SW.

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