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Flicker Light Bulbs

Flicker light bulbs give the illusion of a flickering candle.
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Flicker light bulbs have been a staple of many holiday festivities with the characteristic flickering look. They give the illusion of a flickering candle flame for regular 120 volt rated light bulbs. They're not very bright, but they do give the effect that one would want with a flickering candle. They have either a medium base or a candelabra base so they can be used in almost any situation and in almost any light fixture. These particular flame bulbs are a 3 watt version and do a wonderful job creating that special effect. Keep in mind that these are a line voltage bulb and they work only in standard light fixtures. The actual flickering comes not from a filament but from two metal plates that are inside the bulb. You could use these in a chandelier light that would give that candle effect and many people also use them in outdoor light fixtures such as posts lights or coach lights. It's a great way to get a nostalgic look while still using standard light bulbs. You can use these anywhere you use a regular incandescent bulb, there's nothing special you have to do to the fixture. Call us if you have any questions about flicker lights or any other kind of festive or decorative lighting.

Product features:
- Flickers like a candle.
- Candelabra or medium base.
- 3 watts.
- Can be used wherever you use standard incandescent light bulb.

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