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FC16T9 Circline Fluorescent Light Bulbs

FC16T9 circline fluorescent light bulbs 16 inch size.
Price: $10.95

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FC16T9 circline fluorescent light bulbs are the round bulbs that are used in many types of fixtures. Many round fixtures use these in kitchens, multi-housing or anywhere it's important to get a lot of light in the space without larger light fixtures. The lamp you need is determined by the diameter of the bulb itself. The lamp will be a FC16T9 which would be 16 inches in diameter for example. Many newer fixtures use the more popular PL type lamps, but many still use the FC16T9 circline fluorescent light bulbs that you see here.

Product features:
- 4 pin connection.
- Round shape.
- Magnetic ballast.
- Cool white, warm white or daylight color.
- FC16T9 circline fluorescent light.
- 16 inch diameter
- Lighting color temperature reference.

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