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FBO16T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Sylvania FBO16T8 u-bent fluorescent light bulbs
Price: $21.11

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Sylvania FBO16T8 fluorescent light bulbs continue to be used in many fixtures. Sylvania developed these for energy efficiency and for a compact size that would work in many places where other types of fluorescent lights wouldn't. These lamps are a T8 version which is 1 inch in diameter and operates on an electronic ballast. There are many different brands of ballasts and all function to make the lamp start and continually operate, supplying the right voltage in each individual instance.

Product features:
- 16 watts.
- 1.6 inch spacing between tubes.
- Various phosphor colors including 4100K.
- T8 U shape.
- 10.5 inch overall length.
- Sylvania Octron Curvalume spec sheet.
- Lighting color temperature reference.

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