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FB34T12 U3 U-Bent Fluorescent Light Bulbs

FB34T12 U3 U-bent fluorescent.
FB34T12 U3 U-bent fluorescent.
Price: $19.04

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FB34T12 U3 U-bent fluorescent light bulbs are the u-shaped lamps that have been used for a variety of applications including 2 x 2 fixtures and places where a tight area needs to be lit. There is a 3 inch spacing on center between the legs of this lamp and it fits into the same sockets that a normal T12 lamp fits into. There are a couple of color choices including cool white and warm light. They operate on magnetic and electronic ballast designed for T12 lamps.

Product features:
- 34 watts.
- 3 inch spacing between tubes.
- Cool white or warm white.
- T12 U3 shape.

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