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F6T5-350BL Black Light Fluorescent Bulbs

F6T5 350BL fluorescent black light bulbs
F6T5 350BL fluorescent black light bulbs
Price: $7.62
F6T5 350BL fluorescent black light bulbs with 9 inch length and 6 watts are used mostly for special exposure and bug light fixtures. Industrial uses include plate exposure for many kinds of processes and the light has a slight purple color when lit. These are one type of many smaller black light 350 fluorescent bulbs that are primarily used in bug zapper lights. If you're looking for a replacement for a bug zapper, then the size must be exactly the same as what you use now.

Product features:
- 6 watt.
- T5 = 5/8 inch diameter
- 350 black light or black light 350BL.
- 9 inches.
- Many industrial and bug zapper applications.
- Works electrically in any standard F6T5 light fixture.
Item Number: BLF14318

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