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F54T5HO High Output Fluorescent Light Bulbs - 4100K

F54T5HO high output fluorescent light bulbs in 4100K color.
Price: $7.89
F54T5HO fluorescent light bulbs in 4100K are a neutral white color for many types of office lighting. Their 54 watt high light output have made these a great choice for energy efficient lighting projects and indirect lighting. They are very trim they are only 5/8 of an inch in diameter and have two pins on each end. This is probably the most common color used in this type of lamp. It's the color temperature that many people consider cool white. This is been used in offices for decades and people like it for its excellent contrast ability as well is not being either too warm or too cold as far as the color spectrum goes. These do operate on electronic ballast and that is usually a universal ballast of 120 or 277 volt. The sockets are different though then something like a T8 or a T12 lamp so it's not a direct retrofit from what some people have now. If you are going to do an energy efficient upgrade you not only need to change the ballast but also the sockets. The F54T5/HO is the preferable choice for many kinds of indirect lighting because of the high light output it has. Particularly when one is talking about suspended indirect lighting. If you just need them for replacement, just consider which color you really prefer. Call us if you have any questions about this as part of the lighting upgrade or just for your replacement lighting needs.

Product features:
- 54 watts.
- 4100K
- 4450 lumens.
- 20,000 hour.
- 45.8 inch length.
- F54T5/HO/4100K

- Lighting color temperature reference.
Item Number: BLF13857

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