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F42T6 Fluorescent Light Bulbs - Warm White

F42T6 fluorescent light bulbs in warm white color with a single pin end.
F42T6 fluorescent light bulbs in warm white color with a single pin end.
Price: $20.50
F42T6 fluorescent light bulbs in warm white are used in display cabinets or showcases for retail lighting. These have a single pin end which fits into the socket. This warm white version is preferable when you're trying to match incandescent color. The F42T6 fluorescent light bulbs are a unique bulb and only has one length 40 inches and diameter of 3/4 inch. It's a popular type of bulb that is still used in many types of showcase light fixtures today. We offer these as a replacement bulb and we don't sell any fixtures for these anymore. You would be hard-pressed to find any light fixtures that would still be able to use this type of lamp. But if you're serious about upgrading your display cases to something more energy-efficient and more brilliant in light, you can talk to us about LED options that are really the best choice for that type of situation. It's something that's going to stay out of the field-of-view and deliver a far better light. But for those of you who just need a replacement, these are still readily available and will continue to be so in the near future.

Product features:
- Used in showcase lighting and displays.
- 7500 hour.
- 1825 lumens.
- 25 watts.
- Warm white 3000K.
- F42T6/WW
- 40 inch length.
- 3/4 inch diameter.
Item Number: BLF13821

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