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F40T12 Meat Case Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F40T12 meat case fluorescent light bulbs are a 4 foot lamp for grocery store lighting.
Price: $21.92
F40T12 meat case fluorescent light bulbs are used in grocery stores and flower shops to enhance the natural colors, especially red. It makes meats looked redder and more naturally good. The F40T12 is a 4 foot lamp and uses the same bipin sockets as regular T12 or T8 lamps. There is no other lamp that does the job for grocery stores like this meat case fluorescent light bulb.

Product features:
- 48" long.
- 40 watts.
- T12 - 1.5 inch diameter bulb.
- Phosphors enhance reds and natural colors in display food cases.
- Operates typically on a magnetic ballast but can be used on an electronic ballast too.
Item Number: BLF12945

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