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F40T12 Gold Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F40T12 gold fluorescent light bulbs for special industrial usage.
F40T12 gold fluorescent light bulbs for special industrial usage.
Price: $11.95

F40T12 gold fluorescent light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any situation where something like a plate exposure or the need to have a single wavelength of light. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 48 inch T12 lamp and should accomplish the need for replacement light bulbs. Of course you can use these in many types of colored lighting applications as well. Sometimes people use these in Halloween displays or things like stage lighting for a special effect. You should be aware that this type of lamp doesn't render color very well. Colors can be harder to differentiate when using this type of lighting. But that's not it's primary use, it's for those types of special applications that need a narrow band of light color. Most often F40T12 gold fluorescent lights operate on a magnetic ballast although some people have switched over to electronic ballasts, as long as you make sure that it's used in a T12 type of fixture. It's 40 watt rating will give you the brightest amount of this gold type of lighting and it's really the only way that it's available. You can also get these in a F32T8 gold version and we have those available on our website as well.

Product features:
- F40T12/GO or F40T12/GOLD.
- 40 watt.
- 48 inches overall length.
- Work on the same ballasts as standard F40T12.
- Standard bipin fluorescent base.

Item Number: BLF10713

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