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F40T12 Fluorescent Colored Light Bulbs

F40T12 fluorescent colored light bulbs in red, green, blue, pink and more.
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F40T12 fluorescent colored light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any situation where you need to have a special color like red, green, blue, pink or cool green that makes the colorful effect you need. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 48 inch 40 watt T12 lamp and should accomplish the need for a deep, rich color. The colors they produce come from the phosphors themselves so they produce this richer color over something that would be filtered white light. The F40T12 colored bulbs generally work on magnetic ballast although a few of them do work on electronic ballasts, but the effect is the same. You get the same festive colors for almost any holiday occasion you may have or something as simple coloring the outside of your home with light. These light fixtures these work on are generally the older generation version which were not as energy-efficient and aren't being produced anymore today. If you have T8 fluorescent bulbs we also have those in a colored version as well. The effect will be exactly the same, it's just the updated fluorescent light that are more popular. Some of the most popular colors are obviously red, green and blue because those are often used during the Christmas holiday season. The other colors have some more specific applications that go beyond simple colored light. Some of them are used for industrial applications to find defects or to have a narrow band of light for specific task.

Product features:
- Red, green, blue, pink, cool green and gold colored fluorescent.
- 48 inches overall.
- 40 watts.
- Works on the same magnetic ballasts as standard F40T12 lamps.
- Great for festive occasions or special effects.
- Creates a deep color unlike simple tube guards, it's a step above that for color effect.

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