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F40T12 Fluorescent Black Light Blue Bulbs

F40T12 fluorescent black light blue for lots of special lighting effects.
Price: $25.12

F40T12 fluorescent black light blue fluorescent bulbs are the typical lamp used for several types of effects including the most common one which are black light posters and effects. This size lamp is 48" long and has a 1.5" diameter and has that special deep purple appearance when unlit. This lamp is the same size as any other F40T12 with the pins and works on the same ballast. It can be operated on magnetic or electronic ballasts as long as they are the right ones for T12 lamps. If you use them for a display, consider using a double strip light fixture to maximize the black lighting effect, it does make a difference. Along with things like special displays, these are also used in situations like stage productions where they want to create a night sky affect which it's very good at doing. It's a really flexible light and can be used anywhere you have a regular old style T12 lamps. If you have newer T8 fluorescent light bulbs then we have this same type of phosphor in that type of lamp. Most of the time that's the one you'll have to use if you're going to buy a new fixture to use them in. It's a great effect and the linear fluorescent offer a lower cost than other types of light sources that would give off this kind of light. If you have any questions about how to apply it to your situation or if a light fixture will work for you, just give us a call and we can help you with that.

Product features:
- 40 watts.
- 48 inch (4 foot) length.
- Bipin ends.
- Deep purple color when not lit.
- Operates on magnetic or electronic ballasts.
- Black light effects and stage effects.
- F40T12BLB, F40T12/BLB are some of the ways that these are labeled.

Item Number: BLF10519

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