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F40T12 Electronic Ballast

F40T12 electronic ballast for replacement needs of T12 & T10 lamps.
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Item Number: BLF10905

F40T12 electronic ballasts are made to operate 4 foot T12 lamps make it possible to not only start the lamp, but maintain full light output as well. These have been the workhorse of fluorescent lighting for decades and are a reliable ballast. It comes with a 5 year warranty, so you won't need to be concerned about early failure with an easy no charge replacement from the manufacturer. These are for T12 lamps only and are not made to operate T8, that would be another type. Even though they use the same sockets, they are not interchangeable. These are made to operate a variety of T12 type lamps including F40T12, FB40T12 u-shape, F34T12 and F40T10 giving you the maximum flexibility.

Product features:
- 120 / 277 universal voltage.
- Energy efficient T12 electronic ballasts.
- Full light output.
- Rapid start operation.
- Operate 1 or 2 lamps.
- 5 year warranty.

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