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F32T8 Meat Case Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F32T8 meat case fluorescent light bulbs are a 4 foot lamp for grocery store lighting.
Price: $20.03
F32T8 meat case fluorescent light bulbs are used in grocery stores and flower shops to enhance the natural colors, especially red. It makes meats looked redder and more naturally good. The F32T8 is a 4 foot, 32 watt lamp and uses the same bipin sockets as regular T12 lamps. They have a ballast that is specific to this type, it will not operate on T12 ballasts. There is no other lamp that does the job for grocery stores like this meat case fluorescent light bulb. Have you ever wondered how they make the meat look so good in a display case? This is the main reason, properly lighting meat is something that's important. If it's not lighted properly and it looks pale or it looks like it's the wrong color, then it's going to be difficult to sell. This bulb has special phosphors that are skewed towards the red area of the spectrum which matches the red colors you would want to match in meat. It's a great effect and there's nothing wrong with doing it this way, it's the most natural way to light it. So these can be used in almost any fixture that has a standard T8 lamp that is 32 watt, no special changes or wiring is needed, all you need to do is just replace the bulb with these. If you have any questions about the display case you have and as to whether these will fit in what you have, just give us a call and will help you determine that.

Product features:
- 48" long.
- 32 watts.
- Phosphors enhance reds and natural colors in display food cases.
- Operates on an electronic ballast.
Item Number: BLF12944

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