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F32T8 Fluorescent Colored Light Bulbs

Price: $18.95
F32T8 fluorescent colored light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any situation where you need to have a special color like red, green, blue, pink or gold that makes the colorful effect you need. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 48 inch T8 lamp and should accomplish the need for a deep, rich color. These bulbs can be used for special occasions or times of the year especially holidays or parties. These are also energy efficient running off of an electronic ballast just like the regular color T8 lamps. There rated for 32 watts and the colors that come out of it are deeper and richer then the kind of filtered light you might get from the colored tube guard. The reason these are more expensive is because it's the phosphor itself that is creating the color, not some kind of filter that's put on a white lamp. And those individual phosphor colors are very expensive and considered rare in comparison to something like a regular white phosphor. But if you want the best colors you can possibly get, the best presentation in color then these would be the best choice for almost any light fixture you have. And these will work in almost any T8 light fixture because the F32T8 is the most common lamp type on the market.

Product features:
- Red, green, blue, pink and gold colored fluorescent.
- 48 inches overall.
- Works on the same electronic ballasts as standard F32T8.
- Great for festive special effects.
- Creates a deep color unlike simple tube guards, it's a step above that for color effect.
F32T8 fluorescent colored light bulbs in red, green, blue, pink and more.

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