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F32T8 Fluorescent Black Light Blue

F32T8 fluorescent black light blue for lots of special lighting effects.
Price: $19.76
F32T8 fluorescent black light blue fluorescent bulbs are the typical lamp used for several types of effects including the most common one which are black light posters and effects. They're also used for stage lighting effects and nighttime scenes that require a special dark sky effect but have colors that jump out of a display. These are 48" inches long from pin to pin and are the same size as standard T8 lamps that you might use in an office overhead light fixture. The effect is most pronounced when all other white light sources are turned off, that washes out the effect, so best to use it in total darkness. Like any other 32 watt T8 lamp, this bulb operates on the same electronic ballast, so you can use this bulb anywhere you have a regular F32T8. That also includes multiple lamp configurations, it doesn't matter. So you can get the great black lighting effect with almost any fixture that's on the market today. T8 lamps are probably the most pervasive in every office lighting situation and even for homes. If you need a new fixture to use this light in we have many T8 light fixtures that will accommodate this bulb. So as long as it operates in F32T8, you're going to be able to use this black light bulb.

Product features:
- 32 watts.
- Operates on electronic ballasts.
- Black light effects and stage effects.
- Deep purple phosphor when unlit.
- 48 inch overall length including pins.
- F32T8/BLB is one of the ways that these are labeled.

Item Number: BLF12277

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