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F32T8 Daylight Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F32T8 daylight fluorescent light bulbs in a 4 foot length and 6500K daylight color.
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F32T8 daylight fluorescent light bulbs are used in standard four foot fixtures and they have a white color that is 6500K. The color rendition is very high and this makes them a perfect choice for people that want that bluer version of a what's been called full spectrum. This has a 82 CRI color rendering index which is works for places that need a blue sky color. Most people prefer these in an office or computer screen situation, making people more productive, but there are many other applications that require this original daylight color. The F32T8 daylight is a 4 foot lamp and uses the same bipin sockets as regular T12 lamps.

- 48" long.
- 32 watts.
- 82 CRI
- 6500K color.
- Operates on an electronic ballast.
- F32T8 daylight fluorescent also known as a F32T8/6500K lamp.

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