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F30T12 Colortone 50 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price: $14.98
Item Number: BLF10471
F30T12 Colortone 50 fluorescent light bulbs are a suitable replacement for any T12 lamp with poor color properties. Most people find it's easier to work and function under the natural lighting effect of full spectrum lights. These will work anywhere you might use a standard 36 inch T12 lamp. Simply replace it to get better color, visual enhancement and a cleaner, brighter appearance to your home or office. These are great anywhere people work on computer screens, it should help reduce eyestrain.

Product features:
- F30T12/C50/RS.
- 36 inches.
- 92 CRI.
- 5000K.

F30T12 Colortone 50 fluorescent light bulbs for high color rendition.

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