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F20T12 Fluorescent Light Bulbs - Daylight

F20T12 fluorescent light bulbs is a daylight 2 foot T12 lamp.
Price: $5.97
F20T12 fluorescent light bulbs with a daylight color have been used in places where something closer to sunlight is what's needed for the lighting task. The T12 diameter has been a standard for many shorter light fixture applications. It's been primarily used as a task light bulb because of it's small size, but it's also used for general lighting as well. Many of these lamps were designed with this type of application in mind and are still used in many retail task lighting fixtures.

Product features:
- 24 inches long.
- Daylight color - 6500K.
- 960 lumens.
- 9000 hours average life.
- 1.5 inch diameter.
- 20 watts.
Item Number: BLF13812

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