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F18T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F18T8 fluorescent light bulbs for use in appliances and vending.
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F18T8 fluorescent light bulbs are an unusual size fluorescent lamp which has many special applications throughout the lighting industry. It's been primarily used as a vending machine light bulb because of the special lengths it has. Many of these lamps were designed with this type of application hence the various lengths for the same wattage bulb. The length is usually denoted by the number at the end of the description on the bulb itself, such as K26 or K30, something like that. It's also something that's been used in a number of appliances because of the restrictions of the size of the light fixtures that are used there. Because the more standard type of bulbs don't fit in many type of midsize or smaller applications, sometimes this is the only thing that will work. It's only 18 watts and operates on a magnetic ballast and because of the size you won't be able to use any other fluorescent in its place. It uses the same sockets as any other T8 lamp, so if you need to make a repair you can use standard T8 sockets. We also have magnetic ballast for F18T8 fluorescent light bulbs and should fit in almost any type of existing light fixture that you would have right now. You can get a variance of color such as cool white, warm white and even daylight which should give you the proper type of color that you want for a kitchen or for display. These are readily available and we can ship them out immediately.

Product features:
- Choice of various lengths.
- 18 watts.
- 1" inch in diameter.
- Operates on magnetic ballast.
- Used in appliances and vending machines.

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