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F18T8/CW/K26 Appliance Light Bulbs

Price: $4.75
Item Number: BLF14723
F18T8/CW/K26 appliance light bulbs are an unusual bulb which is often used in appliances or other special applications. It comes in various lengths, but this version is 26 inches from tip to tip. Many of these lamps were designed with this type of application hence the various lengths for the same wattage bulb. The length is usually denoted by the number at the end of the description on the bulb itself, such as K26. The color of cool white is very similar to standard office lighting white. It's really the only color that's available in this type of lamp. Because it's used in many vending machines or appliances that color usually is not so much of an issue except that it be a cool white. Even though this lamp comes in various lengths, this 26 inch version is the most common. It only uses 18 watts and it runs on a magnetic ballast which also can be a consumable item as well. If you have end blackening on the tube, that often means that the ballast is probably wearing out. It might need to be changed and that would also include flickering where it can't start the lamp.

Product features:
- 26 inch length.
- 18 watts.
- Used in many appliance light bulb situations.
- Operates on a magnetic ballast.
- Designated at F18T8/CW/K26

F18T8/CW/K26 Appliance Light Bulbs

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