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F18T8 Magnetic Fluorescent Ballast

F18T8 magnetic fluorescent ballasts
Price: $36.68
F18T8 magnetic fluorescent ballasts for the 18 watt appliance bulb that is so popular in many kitchen applications. If you're lamp won't start, then you probably need to replace the ballast with this one. These are used in many different kinds of light fixtures, most often on wall or interior mounted light fixtures. Comes with leads and attaches easily. Some of the telltale signs that a ballast is going bad is that the ends of the fluorescent tube become blackened. It usually means that the bulb is being started it too high have a voltage and that's burning off some of the filament. You'll also see that sometimes the lamp takes some time to come on or it is flickering, that also could be a ballast problem and that it needs to be replaced. People are often surprised that this is something that has to be changed but most fixtures that have these type of lamps also tend to be very old. So if you see some of these problems with your existing fixture and the bulb will come on, then you know you need to replace the ballast.

Product features:

- 120 volt.
- Operates 1 lamp.
- For use with F18T8 lamps.
- Magnetic ballast.
Item Number: BLF14722

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