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F17T8 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Price: From $8.95 to $13.99
F17T8 fluorescent light bulbs are some of the most popular ones in use today for task and display lighting. They are used in standard for two foot fixtures used in office 2x2's and are some of the most energy-efficient available. This is the 75 CRI or color rendering index version of these lamps. These are the lowest cost T8 fluorescent light bulbs yet still having a good color rendition many people have converted to these as a part of an energy saving program. These bulbs are a 2 foot lamp and uses the same bipin sockets as regular T12 lamps. They have a ballast that is specific to this type. It will not operate on T12 ballasts. Next to standard 4 foot lighting, these are the most common for many different types of offices or task lighting if you have something like that. Like any other length fluorescent of its type, it will bring the maximum amount of light output and good color balance regardless of the color temperature you choose. Many people prefer the full spectrum 5000K color because it's most like natural daylight. Our eyes use that kind of light best for not only things like differentiating color, but also having better visual acuity as well.

Product features:
- 2 feet long.
- 17 watts.
- Energy efficient lamp.
- Electronic ballast.
- Choice of color temperature.
- Lighting color temperature reference.
F17T8 fluorescent light bulbs are a 2 foot energy saving lamp.

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