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F17T8-350BL Black Light Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F17T8/350BL fluorescent light bulbs.
F17T8/350BL fluorescent light bulbs.
Price: $19.89
F17T8-350BL black light fluorescent light bulbs are the 24 inch version of these popular lamps. These have a special phosphor which is often used for industrial exposure & inspection, a white phosphor when unlit but turns to a mild purple when energized. The F17T8 uses the same bipin sockets as regular T12 lamps. They have a magnetic ballast that is specific to this type. Although this size may seem unusual, it's been specified in many types of machines and viewing equipment.

Product features:
- 24 inches long.
- 17 watts.
- 350BL black light is the phosphor type with a light purple color.
- F17T8/350BL
Item Number: BLF15861

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