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F15T8 Grow-lux Fluorescent Light Bulbs

F15T8 Growlux fluorescent light bulbs for superior plant growth.
Price: $18.95
F15T8 Growlux fluorescent light bulbs that are used for plant growth promotion. When the outdoor conditions aren't right, these can do the job and will get plants started and growing. These common in both normal spectrum and wide spectrum versions and is a 15 watt T8 lamp. They have that special color which has a slightly purple tint. They can be used on any standard magnetic ballast that is used for F15T8 lamp. This is perhaps the shortest fluorescent in a grow type bulb at 18 inches. And for that reason it became popular with many types of situations that had smaller applications. Sometimes people use these for early seed germination before spring planting and they don't need massive amounts of light for that. It does get things started with a certain amount of UV and light color that give the plants a simulation of sunlight. These have a wide spectrum and that means that it peaks in several areas of the spectrum which is more like natural daylight. These are not to be confused with later T8 lamps, these are made strictly for a magnetic ballasts and an 18 inch light fixture. There are in stock and you can use these anywhere you use any kind of F15T8 lamp, they are the same electrically.

Product features:

- 18 inches long.
- 15 watts.
- Wide spectrum.
Item Number: BLF15255

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