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F15T8 Fluorescent Black Light Blue Bulbs

F15T8 fluorescent black light blue for lots of special lighting effects.
Price: $19.46
F15T8 fluorescent black light blue fluorescent bulbs are the typical lamp used for several types of effects including the most common one which are black light posters and effects. The sizes vary on length and diameter but all have that special deep purple appearance when unlit. This one is an 18 inch length and has bipin ends that are the same as regular F15T8 lamps. It operates on magnetic ballasts and the fixtures can be one or two lamp strips. These are small light fixtures that can be put in spaces where the longer black lights will not fit. It operates on 120 volt power making it easy to use in home applications. Using these can be a fun in many types of places where you really want to make a stunning effect. Although this is one of the shorter black lights that you'll see, it's very popular. If you need something that's longer we do have them in 3 foot and 4 foot type of lamps that can be used in any number of standard light fixtures, even including office light fixtures. One thing to remember, if you're trying to light a really large area then this size probably is not going to be big enough. Black lighting is most effective when it's evenly lit and that there's a a lot of light sources in the space. Don't expect to get a really great effect by having one or two of these in a larger room. If you need to get to that level of effect then you have to seriously consider how many fixtures you need to have and how many bulbs would be suitable to get the job done.

Product features:
- 18 inch overall length.
- 1 inch diameter.
- 15 watt.
- Black light effects and stage effects.
- Deep purple color when unlit.

Item Number: BLF12279

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