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Dusk To Dawn Metal Halide Light Fixture

Price: $218.97
Item Number: BLF11772
Dusk to Dawn metal halide light fixtures provide security and a pleasing light for any area that you may use them. They've been used for years on farms, on light poles and other types of typical lighting applications. These are a utility grade light fixture, not like the cheap versions you might find in a super hardware store. They have a lens and a coded lamp which will reduce glare while providing the adequate light that you need for your home or business.

Product features:
- Automatic dusk to dawn photo control.
- 100 watt metal halide.
- One piece prismatic refractor with open bottom provides symmetrical Type V light pattern.
- All units come complete with mounting hardware.
- 120 volt only.
- Metal halide lamp is included.

Dusk to dawn metal halide light fixtures

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