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Double Ended Metal Halide Lamps

Price: From $25.01 to $52.34
Double ended metal halide lamps are usually a replacement lamp as the socket must will only allow using these. They are a true HID lamp and will give off a lot of light and provide the most optical control in an asymmetric reflector system. It's an excellent light source for retail situations or anywhere you want a whiter light consuming far less energy. These double ended metal halide lamps require a ballast to operate and it's mated to the wattage of the respective lamp. It's been a popular choice for many kinds of retail lighting where a forward throw is desired. It's that ability to set the bulb back into the light fixture reflector that give the ability to carry light over a large horizontal space.

Product features:
- 70, 150 or 250 watts.
- Up to 12,000 hours rated average life.
- Ceramic ends.
- Choice of 3000K or 4000K.
- Used in retail lighting but also building illumination.
- Lighting color temperature reference.
Tubular metal halide lamps with a double end ceramic base.

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