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Decorative light bulbs are used in many different kinds of lighting applications including chandeliers, outdoor lighting and many other types of indoor lighting or special accents. The of various shapes and sizes often imitate something like a candle flame or different kinds of effect lighting. This category is quite large with many different types to choose from so you can get exactly what you're looking for to create the right lighting effect for your home or office. There's a variety of bases as well for decorative light bulbs like candelabra or E14, for any kind of fixture that you may have even European imported fixtures. Call us if you have any questions regarding any of the decorative choices here.
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Flicker flame light bulbs
Flicker Flame Light Bulbs
Price: $3.00
Flicker Flame Light Bulbs
Flicker flame light bulbs are used when people want to have the illusion of a flickering candle in the fixtures they have. They don't have a filament like standard bulbs, rather metal plate that is electrified. It comes in medium or candelabra base.
SpunGlo light bulbs
SpunGlo Light Bulbs
Price: $3.76
SpunGlo Light Bulbs
SpunGlo light bulbs have a special kind of spun coating that have an effect like no other bulb. It's a very soft look and there's really nothing that creates a good effect for outdoor lanterns and other types of lights. spacer
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