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Compact Fluorescent Wallpack Light Fixture

Compact fluorescent wallpack light fixture
Compact fluorescent wallpack light fixture
Price: $177.86
Compact fluorescent wallpack light fixture with 84 watts equal to a 300 watt incandescent light bulb for energy savings. Many people like the instant-on feature of this wallpack making it ideal for many kinds of entryway lighting. It works great to provide security lighting or any other kind of illumination that requires broad, even light. The optical chamber is sealed to reduce dirt and insect contamination. This compact fluorescent wallpack light fixture has a clear prismatic diffuser. The color of the light is pure white which many people prefer produced by two 42 watt standard compact fluorescent.

Product features:
- 84 watts.
- Voltage: 120 volt
- Lamp: Includes two 42 watt compact fluorescent lamps.
Item Number: BLF10859

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