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Compact Fluorescent Dulux L Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent Dulux L plug-in light bulbs are an energy efficient light source for recessed and various commercial light fixtures. These have a long shape and dedicated plug-in base that is operated on a specific ballast for that wattage and size. One of the advantages of using these is that you can have a choice of color, a warmer incandescent-like color or the more popular office lighting 4100K color. They're often used with electronic ballasts and some of the 4 pin variety have the ability to be dimmed with a dimming ballast.
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Dulux L compact fluorescent light bulbs are the large CFL with a 2G11 base, 4 pins in a row.
Dulux L Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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Dulux L Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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