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Code Beacon Light Bulbs

Code beacon light bulbs for high tower warning lights.
Code beacon light bulbs for high tower warning lights.
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Code beacon light bulbs are used in high tower applications like TV, radio and microwave towers to keep small aircraft from hitting them. They are a 620 watt, mogul prefocus base and that's standard for companies who change these light bulbs for a living. The heat they put out is substantial and usually requires leather gloves or some heat-resistant material for your hands to prevent burning. The pre-focus base turns slightly and then lifts out upon replacement. It's an industry standard for tower lighting beacons and the extra long life means that they need to be changed less often, and that's a good thing when they're hundreds of feet up in the air. It's the necessary choice for contractors who do high work and essentially made for this task only. Most often, people who maintain high towers have a regular maintenance schedule for replacing old light bulbs. So it's important to have some on hand if you do this kind of work or maintain a broadcast facility. Along with communications, these are also used for bridges and buildings that have pulsing high lights. It's important to keep these lit so pilots can see where the towers are and avoid them. If you have any questions about this light, please call us for more information and any detailed specifications you may need. As stated before, these are an industry standard light that most tower contractors know all about and it's something that we keep in stock for quick shipping.

- 620PS40/CL is the code number.
- Mogul prefocus base.
- Used in high tower applications.
- 620 watts.
- 120 volt.

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