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Circline Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Circline fluorescent light bulbs have been a popular choice for many decades as they provide a lot of light in a compact package. Before the advent of today's compact fluorescent, these were the lamp of choice for many kinds of institutional and home lighting. It makes it possible to evenly illuminate a fixture and provide adequate illumination for almost any task. There are also newer versions of circline fluorescent light bulbs which are known as the T5 Pentron from Sylvania. These can be operated on a magnetic or electronic ballast. The wattages vary and the sizes does depending on that watt rating. The different wattages are not interchangeable as the ballast is almost always mated to a certain lamp requirement.
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Circline fluorescent light bulbs with several diameters and wattages.
Circline Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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Circline Fluorescent Light Bulbs
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