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Circline Black Light Bulbs

Circline black light bulbs
Price: $26.06
Circline black light bulbs are the round bulbs that are used in many types of fixtures. These are considered the standard version used for decades. This is the FC8T9 version creating that special black lighting effect. The lamp is 8 inches in diameter and can be used anywhere you use a standard FC8T9. This is made as a replacement bulb, you must have the right fixture to use these in and the ballast must be correct as well. Because it's a black light, you will be able to use it in all the different types of effects lighting that you would a regular linear black light or even a floodlight. This will produce a nice even lighting effect covering an area well. But with black light, you may need to use more of these in the area in order to get the correct effect. We do have adapters that will screw into regular light bulb sockets and that attach this circle line bulb to it.  So if you need something like that to adapt to a standard fixture then that is also a possibility. These are used in a lot of applications more than just special-effects, sometimes there used for certain kinds of ultraviolet markings that need to be checked. This is commonly used in industrial applications but also can be seen in places like your local airport. If you have any questions about applying these lights properly to what you have now, give us a call and we can help you with that.

Product features:
- 4 pin connection.
- Round shape.
- Operates on a magnetic ballast.
- Black light blue color (BLB).
- 8 inch diameter.

Item Number: BLF12971

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