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Capsylite PAR38 Flood Light Bulbs

Capsylite PAR38 flood light bulbs.
Capsylite PAR38 flood light bulbs.
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Beam spread:
Capsylite PAR38 flood light bulbs are used most often in outdoor flood lighting or in retail track lighting. Along with giving off better light than old style incandescent floods, they are also more energy efficient. PAR38 lamps are almost 5 inches in diameter and have a standard household medium base. The most popular wattage among them are the 90 watt and is designated usually as a 90PAR38. We have higher wattage also which will give even more light for that special lighting need.

Product features:

- 5 inches across the face.
- Choice of wattage.
- 130 volt for longer life.
- White halogen color.

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